What’s The Process?

What is the Website Development process?

  1. You expresses interest in website / marketing by contacting us!

  2. Phone or face to face conversation to determine your needs / timeline / budget

    • We work through a questionnaire to access needs, interests, wants, and expectations.

    • You provide content (wording, logos, pictures, brochures, etc.)

  3. We create a proposal for you including:

    • possible design templates or custom mock up (no more than 3)

    • Pricing options

  4. You pick your favorite template and agree to pricing

    • You sign development and payment contract

  5. Payment of Deposit (50% of project total unless payment arrangements are made)

  6. Website is developed.

  7. We will meet to discuss website revisions.

  8. Website will be revised / Website is launched per agreed timeline.

  9. Final Payment

  10. Discuss / Establish marketing / maintenance plan

 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is not only our goal, but our COMMITMENT! We are a local company with over 10 years of experience with a PASSION for “Helping You Make a Great 1st Impression Online!”